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I’m not seeing things, right? That does say NIGGER brown, right??

This isn’t life. It can’t be

omg y’all, I just went on the website and this real!!!!!!

this is real

i went to the site and i see this coon posing for it, what a dumb ass


I’m on the phone with Ralph Lauren right now and this is not a real RL website. I went all over the site and there was no contact info  (which made me suspicious even before I called). Call this number 1 (888) 475-7674 and tell them about this site  and; they are working on getting it taken down. The lady told me that this is the third website that they have been notified about like this. So just call and give them the URL.  The more complaints they get, the faster they’ll get this down, hopefully.

Yoooooooooooooo it has my flag my birthday is in like 7 days cop that for me

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